Stress management

Stress is a universally widespread phenomenon, especially stress caused by psychological factors. Stress no longer constitutes a trivial matter that can be ignored, quite the contrary.

The idea is to take an objective look at the factors causing the condition and deferring to experts who are capable of providing a rational response to such disorders.

For over 30 years, the Biotonus Centre has been treating patients suffering from stress and has acquired the necessary expertise to prevent stress, treat the complications, cure the resulting illnesses and prevent any recurrence.

What is stress?

Defined by the Oxford Dictionaries as "pressure or tension", stress is nothing more than the body's response to physiological and psychological attacks, as well as pleasant or unpleasant emotions requiring the individual to adapt.

Nowadays, stress is unfortunately part and parcel of everyday life for most of the population.

How do you treat stress?

The length of our stress treatment and management programme can be varied to suit the individual. However, a stay of at least seven days is recommended to guarantee results.

Our specialists create a programme that includes daily treatment by one of our doctors, dietary planning, nursing care and physical activity with medical gymnastics, water aerobics, aqua cycling, hydrotherapy, body care treatments and massages, sophrology-based relaxation sessions, hypnosis, light therapy and other relaxation methods.