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Reflexology is a thousand-year-old technique that involves applying pressure to the feet, whose soles contain reflex areas that each correspond to a part of the body. The basic principle underlying reflexology has been so extensively demonstrated through experience that this science, inspired by Chinese medicine, has proven a tremendous success in the East.

Reflexology implements the benefits of therapeutic massage and acupuncture, and draws on the best of both therapies to make them more accessible. Intestines, nose, throat, lungs, sinuses, spine, genitals... regardless of the illness's location, reflexology can provide relief.

This type of therapy is wonderfully relaxing and not only improves our general health, but also treats a large number of medical conditions. People suffering from migraines, backache, sciatica, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis or eczema will notice an improvement after only a few sessions.


Whether driving away the stresses of everyday life or relaxing the muscles and joints after an hour of sport, hydro-massage will leave you with a feeling of wellness every time. 

Heat, weightlessness and massage are combined to provide a sensation of relaxation and well-being. Hot water acts on the body's temperature and dilates the blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow. Since water has the effect of making people feel lighter than their usual weight, less pressure is exerted on the muscles and joints. 

An energetic massage using a mixture of injected air and hot water relaxes the muscles and stimulates the production of endorphins - the body's natural hormones with analgesic properties. Soaking in a hot, sparkling bath will help clear your mind and restore your emotional balance - an experience that you will want to repeat every day.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique intended to stimulate lymph flow and detoxify the body, while strengthening the immune system.

It regenerates and nourishes the tissues treated and simplifies lymphatic circulation, thereby providing general relaxation to the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is performed with the fingers and palm of the hand over the entire body by following the direction of the lymph flow and applying pressure that gradually intensifies before steadily diminishing.

Due to its preventive and curative action, manual lymphatic drainage is especially recommended for:

  • Rheumatism and osteoarthritis
  • Oedemas and infiltration
  • Scars, haematomas and contusions
  • Acne, eczema, blotches, burns, etc.
  • Circulation problems (heavy legs, cellulite, and so on)
  • Constipation
  • Colds and sinusitis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress, depression and insomnia


The negative pressure concept used to be reserved exclusively for astronauts during missions in order to improve blood flow to their legs. Today, the Vacumed technology is finally available to the public.

The innovative and cutting-edge Vacumed technology is the favourite method for creating a slimmer figure. By subtly combining the benefits of physiotherapy with anti-cellulite treatment, Vacumed helps tighten the waist, create firmer skin tissue, influence fat reabsorption and restore legs to their original appearance.

During treatment, you will feel a deep sensation of well-being, while any cellulite and leg pain will be significantly reduced. Finally, you will enjoy the sensation of deep relaxation and freedom in the musculoskeletal system once treatment is finished.


The Spajet, a relaxing and restorative treatment with both curative and aesthetic virtues, tones and firms the skin, while eliminating toxins and the fatty layer.

This treatment is available in two different forms:

Seaweed body wrap
A layer of finely-ground hot seaweed is applied to the entire body (except the face). The wrap has a re-generating, mineralising and thinning effect on the body by removing toxins.

Marine mud
Marine mud is applied to the entire body or a specific area, and has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the joints, while mineralising and softening the skin. After the body has been wrapped, you are invited to unwind in the Spajet, a device that is specially designed to increase penetration of trace elements through steam injection (between 30°C and 37°C). Once the active substances have been diffused throughout the body, an integrated variable-temperature shower rounds off the treatment, leaving your skin soft and velvety.


This exclusive water pressure therapy involves lying on a mattress heated to the appropriate temperature for your needs, while the sensitive parts of your body are isolated using ergonomic cushions. The hydrojet then uses powerful water jets to provide an effective and comprehensive massage to the full body or a specific target area, without any wet contact. A massage programme geared towards each part of your body will be proposed. 

This innovative therapeutic process combines the benefits of heat therapy, the effectiveness of mobilising the musculoskeletal system by relaxing the joints, and the highly relaxing sensation of an underwater massage. The session length, water temperature and treatment intensity can be fine-tuned as required, according to the needs of the therapy. 

The energetic massage produced by the water relaxes the muscles and stimulates the production of endorphins - the body's natural hormones with their analgesic properties. The process eliminates back pain, tension, fatigue and stress, while fully relaxing the muscular system.

Relaxation equipment

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