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    Centre Biotonus, Clinique Bon-Port
    Rue Bon-Port 27
    1820 Montreux - Suisse

    Tel.: +41 21 966 58 58
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Body care and massages

The strains and stresses of the outside world very often cause tension in the muscle tissues. These are adherence reactions that our body develops in response to pain or inflammation. The body responds by forming excess fibrous tissue with the aim of protecting our health by locking down the tissue near the wound or injury site.

However, even when the cause of the condition has been eliminated following medical treatment, the problem remains, because the consequences of the body's adherence reactions will impede the free and normal movement of the joints and muscles, even the simple motions inherent in everyday life.

To combat this problem, the Biotonus Centre in Montreux provides a selection of personalised massage techniques carried out by qualified professionals. Our specialists are trained to pinpoint and treat contractures of the muscles and connective tissue, as well as tension in the superficial tissue layer with the sole aim of restoring them to their normal condition. 

Massage stimulates both blood flow and the respiratory system, improves skin and muscle tone, and eases muscle tension. Furthermore, specific products for your treatment can be used to procure a sensation of well-being. Back and neck massages eliminate stiffness and muscle tension, while anti-stress massages provide a feeling of relaxation and balance.

Beauty centre

Our beauty centre offers an extensive range of services:

  • Body care treatments
  • Facial care treatments
  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Hair removal
  • And much more besides

Our entire team is on hand to perform the body care and beauty treatments of your choosing.

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Biotonus Centre, Bon-Port Clinic
Rue de Bon-Port 27
CH-1820 Montreux – Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 966 58 58
Fax: +41 21 966 57 58