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    Centre Biotonus, Clinique Bon-Port
    Rue Bon-Port 27
    1820 Montreux - Suisse

    Tel.: +41 21 966 58 58
    Fax: +41 21 966 58 07


We would be only too happy to answer any enquiries.

Write to us:


Rue de Bon-Port 27



By telephone: +41 21 966 58 58

By fax: +41 21 966 58 07

Standard terms and conditions

Stays generally begin on Sunday evening, but we are willing to accommodate you on the date of your choosing subject to availability.

Due to our booking schedule and as part of our desire to continually offer the best possible service, bookings must be accompanied by a CHF 10,000 deposit per person. The balance must be paid at the end of your stay (unless covered by Swiss health insurance schemes).

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal cheques. We will only accept bank cheques and traveller's cheques.

We would like to draw the attention of people residing in countries subject to exchange control mechanisms to the fact that a pro-forma invoice is available for sending to their bank.

Contact details

Biotonus Centre, Bon-Port Clinic
Rue de Bon-Port 27
CH-1820 Montreux – Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 966 58 58
Fax: +41 21 966 57 58

Coverage by health insurance schemes

To claim for the total or partial reimbursement of your stay from your insurer, you are advised to consult with your treating doctor and make the necessary enquiries before commencing treatment.

Please send us your medical records if available (analyses, X-rays, ECGs, etc.) or ask your doctor to send us a copy.


Where is the Biotonus Clinic located in relation to the Hôtel du Grand Lac Excelsior?

The Biotonus Clinic is located in the same building as the four-star Hôtel du Grand Lac Excelsior.

Is the Biotonus Clinic officially registered with the Swiss local authorities?

The Biotonus Clinic is officially licensed to operate by the Vaud canton's Department of Public Health. According to Swiss legislation, this department is responsible for issuing licences to all hospitals and clinics in the Vaud canton.  

Is the Biotonus Clinic affiliated with professional associations?

The Biotonus Clinic is affiliated with the following:

When is the Biotonus Clinic open?

The Biotonus Clinic is open throughout the year.  

How is it possible for a clinic and a hotel to operate in the same building?

The illnesses treated by the Biotonus Clinic are perfectly compatible with the prospect of offering our patients a high-quality hotel environment to help improve their condition.  

Does the Biotonus Clinic offer medically-equipped rooms?

All our rooms satisfy the requirements of the public health law relating to hospital accommodation. The Biotonus Clinic provides each patient with an alarm system that is connected to the nursing service 24 hours a day.

Does the Biotonus Clinic provide care and support for people of reduced mobility?

Care and support for people of reduced mobility may be provided upon specific request and is subject to approval from our doctors after examining the patient's medical records.  

Does the Biotonus Clinic offer a physiotherapy service?

The Biotonus Clinic offers a physiotherapy service for functional and post-traumatic rehabilitation. Sessions are by prescription only.  

Are patients allowed to go outside during their stay?

Permission to go outside is granted by our doctors, depending on the patient's condition.  

Are psychotherapy services personalised?

Our doctors provide individual psychotherapy sessions. We do not offer group therapy sessions.  

Are Biotonus Clinic patients' rooms different to hotel guests' rooms?

All rooms at the Grand Hôtel Excelsior are available to our patients. However, patients that are bedridden, suffering from reduced mobility or requiring specific medical surveillance are preferably accommodated on the ground floor and the first floor near our round-the-clock nursing service.

Does the Biotonus Clinic offer dietary meals?

Personalised dietary meals are created for all our patients according to their specific condition. Meal plans are approved with our dieticians according to the doctor's prescription.  

What types of diet are available at the Biotonus Clinic?

In case of excess weight, the Biotonus Clinic offers a protein-rich PSMF diet (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) tailored to the patient's condition as well as a balanced low-calorie diet.

Is a round-the-clock medical service available?

The Biotonus Clinic offers a 24-hour-a-day medical supervision service.  

Does the Biotonus Clinic lay on activities or excursions?

We offer a range of activities for our patients:

  • A walk on Mondays from 2 pm to 4 pm subject to patients' availability
  • Yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm (in French) and 3 pm (in English)
  • Excursions on Fridays from 2 pm to 4 pm  

Does the Biotonus Clinic offer any sports activities?

Every morning from 8 am to 12 pm. Our sports instructor creates an exercise plan and provides guidance during your fitness sessions. Our instructor also holds gymnastics classes lasting 30 minutes each.  

For further information, feel free to contact us directly:

Tel: +41 21 966 57 57