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Presentation of our specialities

The Biotonus Clinic is a renowned medical centre in a haven of peace. Located on the Lake Geneva shoreline with the Alps as a backdrop, our Montreux-based clinic boasts an unrivalled setting conducive to relaxation.

Leveraging over 30 years' experience, the Biotonus Centre specialises in revitalisation treatment. Discover all our specialities.

Our aim is to protect and improve your health: your most valuable asset.

The Biotonus Centre also offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments tailored to your specific needs:

  • Stress
  • Burn-out
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Reactive depression
  • Addiction
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Obesity (weight management)
  • Diabetes

Medical check-up

A full medical check-up is carried out prior to commencing any treatment. The check-up includes a full blood work-up, stool and urine analyses, conventional radiography (chest, neck, back and pelvis), cardiovascular examinations, morphological-nutritional analysis, ultrasound scans and spirometry.

This full check-up serves as a blueprint for designing the appropriate course(s) of treatment.

Anti-ageing and revitalisation

Drawing strength from our expertise in preventing and treating degenerative diseases associated with stress, overexertion and ageing, we have the privilege of proposing two original and complementary revitalisation methods that procure additional benefits for our patients and whose effects can be aggregated to produce the best possible results.

Our treatments can be combined.

A revitalization according to the Biotonus method

Characteristics: our active products works against the ageing process by strengthening the body's natural defences.

This treatment has an established track record in the treatment of degenerative diseases, such as rheumatic diseases, articular cartilage degeneration, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, urogenital disorders, neurological disorders and sleep disorders.

Our treatment is also recommended for stimulating hormone production, regulating hormone imbalances, stimulating sexual functions and treating menopause-related conditions, as well as preventing osteoporosis, providing biological protection against cancer, strengthening the immune system and revitalising the body by acting in accordance with the patient's individual needs.

The method simultaneously revives the patient's physical and mental strength.

Treatment length: 4 nights / 5 days with a full medical check-up.

A revitalization according to Professor Aslan method

The Aslan treatment was developed in the sixties by Pofessor Ana Alsan. This treatment improves the blood circulation and the cellular oxygenation, it's effective in the prophylaxis of ageing at the molecular level and chronic degenerative ailments. It has a positive effect upon states of depression, fatigue, deterioration of memory and concentration, also on skin and hair aspects, muscular tonus and articulation mobility. In the whole, the patient begins to show signs of improvement in both physical and mental well-being.

Treatment length: 9 nights / 10 days with a full medical check-up.


From our carefully selected treatments, our experienced and competent physicians will help you choose the best revitalisation program:

  • for organic deficiencies we recommend the  Biotonus method
  • for stimulation of the cellular metabolism we recommend the Alsan method


Furthermore we use specific active principles. By stimulating the cellular metabolism they have a protective effect against stress, burn-out and problems of ageing.


Your health and well-being are our main concern

Detox treatment

Because our body is faced with a daily onslaught of external pollutants, such as tobacco, alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals, colorants and preservatives... and because our food contains too much protein, fat, various sugars and additives, our body ends up exhausted from having to digest, sort and eliminate unwanted substances.

Cellular oxidative stress is the imbalance between the production of free radicals and our cells' ability to detoxify them through enzymatic antioxidants.

Every day, our cells are faced with the effects of oxidative stress, which reduces cellular functions. These oxidative elements slow down the cellular metabolism through the accumulation of oxidative waste. Such phenomena are accelerated and exacerbated when the body comes into contact with external toxic elements, such as pollution, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, heavy metal particles, colorants and preservatives.

They also lead to premature cell ageing, degenerative diseases and cancerous formations.

Diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases, certain cardiovascular diseases, such as infarction and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Oxidative stress may be mutagenic, damaging the DNA and thereby causing the appearance of cancerous diseases.

When our bodies are overloaded with toxins, some of the warning signs are as follows:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin disorders (dull complexion, spots, and so on)

Our detoxification programme is based upon the principle of helping the body eliminate toxins in order to restore the internal biological balance and consequently improve your health, beauty and well-being.

Your detox stay at the Biotonus Clinic is aimed at helping you recover your daily energy and balance.

Upon arrival, you will undergo a full and targeted medical check-up and subsequently a consultation with one of our dieticians, following which your detoxification programme will be created and implemented.

We propose a personalised treatment plan overseen by our team of doctors, nurses and dieticians.

Your programme at the clinic will include daily use of our specific Biotonus products, a physical activity routine and relaxation regimen.

Diabetes management

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease defined by high blood sugar levels - hyperglycaemia. This disease is caused by the body's inability to produce insulin.

Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas. It regulates the body's blood sugar levels.

There are two types of diabetes:

-        Type 1 diabetes: caused when the pancreas stops producing insulin (accounting for 10% of diabetes cases).

-        Type 2 diabetes: reduced amount of insulin produced in the body or when the body's cells fail to respond adequately to insulin (accounting for 90% of diabetes cases).

Aside from genetic factors, diabetes is primarily due to obesity, a poor lifestyle, a high sugar and fat intake, and a lack of physical exercise.

After a rigorous check-up and a dietary evaluation, a specific course of treatment is proposed accordingly. Each patient follows a personalised programme overseen by a skilled medical team.

The goal is to treat and stabilise your diabetes through a combination of medication, an appropriate diet, physical exercise and relaxation sessions.

We will also use your stay as an opportunity to update your knowledge and give you a greater insight into the disease to help you maintain a good quality of life.

During your stay, you will receive medical treatment, nursing care, fractionated glycaemic control, diabetic consultations, insights into different food groups, and a programme for your daily activities. 


A survey among the European population illustrated just how widespread prejudices and misconceptions are about depression. The vast majority of the population still believes that depression is due to a lack of character or a matter of willpower.

Depression is highly widespread in the Western world and represents one of the most frequent complaints seen in doctors' surgeries; it is associated with high treatment needs and an evolution that is partly chronic with debilitating consequences on quality of life.

What is depression?

Depression as a disease should be distinguished from "normal emotional responses". The internationally-recognised criteria for diagnosing depression are based on a whole series of physiological symptoms that are exhibited in varying degrees, such as a lack of energy, a lack of drive, sadness, aggression, anxiety, a lack of concentration, sleep disorders, a lack of self-confidence, an unjustified feeling of guilt, a lack of appetite, and suicidal ideas or impulses, as well as physical symptoms. The objective notions that are also used to detect depressive states are intensity, duration and frequency.

Depressive disorders are considered to have a multitude of causes. In addition to being genetically predisposed to depression, established factors include education, family environment and permanent personality traits, such as introversion and anxiety tendencies. Mood disorders may be spontaneous or triggered by a psychosocial or somatisation disorder. Life events, such as a bereavement, the loss of a loved one, divorce, uprooting and persistent conflicts, may lead to a depressive state.

The patient's case history is key to diagnosing a depressive state. The severity of the depressive state will determine how much priority is given to the pharmacological treatment and non-pharmacological treatment through regular psychological support.

How do you treat depression?

To enable patients to achieve the quality of life and psychological well-being to which they are aspiring, the Biotonus Centre offers a range of effective solutions featuring essential therapeutic support from our doctors and psychiatrists, pharmacotherapy, medical hypnosis, sophrology, body care and relaxation, as well as suitable physical activity.

The patient's stay, combined with a personalised daily treatment programme, is carried out in a stimulating setting conducive to improving their self-image, with a team that is committed to providing the necessary support for the patient's recovery.

General medicine

The Biotonus Clinic is a diagnostic and treatment centre for the different general medicine conditions, such as:

  • Cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of death in Western countries
  • Degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, etc.)
  • Pulmonary, digestive, renal and urinary diseases
  • Neurological, osteoarticular and muscular disorders
  • Metabolic and endocrine disorders

After a rigorous check-up, a specific course of treatment is proposed. Each patient follows a personalised programme overseen by a skilled medical team.

Functional rehabilitation

Drawing on its holistic approach and the expertise of its specialists, the Biotonus Centre offers a broad array of physiotherapy treatments for patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Our rehabilitation treatments cover a large number of areas: post-surgical orthopaedic care, traumatology, rheumatology (degenerative phenomena), pre-surgery preparation, neurology (central and peripheral nervous system disorders), cardiovascular diseases and cardiorespiratory disorders.

The Biotonus Centre uses various manual techniques in addition to conventional methods and other adjuvant therapies: manual therapy, electrotherapy, cryotherapy (cold air), ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and so on.

Physiotherapy, through rehabilitation, is aimed at giving back patients their life skills by easing their pain and allowing them to recover the motor skills and balance required for their independence.

Post-operative stays

The Biotonus Clinic organises personalised stays allowing patients that have undergone surgery to improve their independence and well-being, including rehabilitation, follow-ups during procedures on the digestive, urogenital, respiratory and orthopaedic systems, as well as after chemotherapy.

Our patients receive daily follow-up care from our doctors and benefit from the expertise of our specialists and a unique hospital infrastructure in a warm and esteem-enhancing environment.



Our civilisation places increasing pressure on people to become stronger, richer and more powerful, which triggers anxiety in emotionally-sensitive people. To cope with such pressure, some people resort to external agents or toxic substances that lead to addiction.

This marks the start of a vicious circle that is hard to break without outside help.

The dangers involved in the use of such agents or substances vary according to the person's vulnerability, the product, the quantity ingested, the frequency and the context.

Consumption behaviour can be divided into three stages:

  • Moderate consumption
  • High-risk consumption (or problem use)
  • Addiction  

What is addiction?

There are two types of addiction:

  • Psychological addiction
  • Physical addiction

In more general terms, addiction can be defined as a state of intoxication caused by the repeated use of toxic substances, leading to a state of psychological and/or physical dependence on their effects. Our body becomes increasingly tolerant to such external agents through prolonged use.

Depending on the substance used, addiction may be sudden or progressive. Dependence occurs when withdrawal causes physical and/or psychological suffering. Addicts' everyday life mainly or exclusively revolves around searching for and using the product.

How do you treat addiction?

The effects, risks and dangers of psychoactive drugs and substances vary according to the products and how they are used. The motives for using such substances depend on the individual, including reasons relating to their history, health or family / social environment.

That is why the Biotonus Centre proposes a personalised and individual treatment programme.

Treatment is aimed at updating your knowledge to better prevent the use of psychoactive substances. Daily follow-up care accompanied by psychological support and hypnosis treatment will help bring a natural, steady rhythm to your life.

Aesthetic medicine

The Biotonus Clinic proposes:

Wrinkle treatment:

  • Botox
  • Filling (hyaluronic acid)


  • Cellulite
  • Skin rejuvenation (face, cleavage and back of the hands)

Chemical peels:

  • Superficial
  • Medium or deep


  • Treatment of varicose and spider veins


  • Lifting and skin rejuvenation
  • Hair removal
  • Treatment of spider veins

Skin rejuvenation:

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with micro-needling


Treatment of excessive underarm sweating 

Become a resident

To benefit from our range of treatments, please contact our admissions office and the different medical departments.

Medical or non-medical stay

Whether you wish to become a resident at the Biotonus Clinic complete with medical care or simply enjoy à la carte access to all our services, we can cater for both needs.

Our safe medical facility welcomes people of all ages in search of a new soothing living environment far away from the stresses of modern-day life.

Standing proudly on the Lake Geneva shoreline, the Biotonus Clinic boasts unrestricted views over the lake and the Alps.

In this special environment, we prioritise human contact as well as the well-being and safety of our residents.

The Biotonus Clinic proposes short and long-term medical and non-medical stays.

Our medical stays include:

  • A room, Junior Suite or Suite overlooking the lake
  • Full board at our restaurant with its traditional, dietary menus
  • Medical calls
  • Seven-day-a-week nursing service
  • Dietary service
  • Physiotherapy service
  • X-ray and ultrasound service
  • Analysis laboratory
  • Relaxation rooms
  • Concierge service
  • Housekeeping and technical service
  • Access to our indoor pool
  • Access to the wellness centre with special prices
  • Access to the gym with personalised coaching on request
  • Hair salon


Our non-medical stays include:

  • A room, Junior Suite or Suite overlooking the lake
  • Full board at our restaurant with its traditional, dietary menus
  • Housekeeping and technical service
  • Access to our indoor pool
  • Access to the wellness centre with special prices
  • Access to the gym with personalised coaching on request
  • Hair salon
  • À la carte access to all medical services

Our spacious rooms, Junior Suite and Suites are fully fitted and furnished. All are equipped to the highest standards in the sector.

If required, you can equip them with your own furniture.

Our lakeside lounges can accommodate families and friends during your stay.

Our mission is to provide support and guidance as you adopt your new lifestyle.